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We can install energy-efficient Low-E sealed unit glass in your existing frames. Let us show you the difference.

Welcome to John's Window Capping. We've been in the aluminum capping, aluminum cladding and steel cladding business for over 30 years and we welcome the opportunity to present you with some reasons to consider us for your capping work. John's Window Capping can handle all of your window needs including window repair and glass replacement. We supply and install window capping, window cladding and custom cladding.

Are you tired of the endless painting, expensive maintenance and the constant attention that the wood trim around your window and door frames requires? Eliminate these high maintanance headaches, have us install pre-painted metal cladding. Metal Window Cladding can be an important time and money saving investment. When you call "John's Window Capping" you can count on over 30 years of high quality metal cladding experience. Metal window cladding may be the solution you've been looking for. Let us show you the possibilities.

Are your window frames and door frames in need of repair? Our years of experience qualifies us to deal with any window repair or door repair that is required. Window repairs are often as simple as cleaning of the mechanism and squaring things, the weatherstripping or hardware may also need to be replaced to restore them to their original efficiency. These services are all part of a quality window restoration.

Many homeowners now realize the benefits of pre-painted metal capping and wish to have this service performed in conjunction with their window repairs. We use pre-painted metal and we always use the highest quality caulking material to seal the exterior against moisture penetration. When comparing contractors be sure to ask if they are capable of properly assessing the window performance and make repairs as necessary. Many cladding contractors simply fasten metal to the exterior window frame without ever considering the condition of the window, many cladding contractors don't even bother to open your windows when they clad them, they just fasten pieces to the exterior. If they don't open and inspect the windows how can they determine the condition of the windows and what is required to restore them properly? Our customers want a complete solution to their window repairs and sometimes this includes the necessity to deal with the more challenging and difficult parts of a proper window restoration. Our combination of experience and high quality materials can eliminate the need to replace windows and door frames. Metal window cladding installed by an experienced and consciencious installer may be the only solution you require.

Are you comtemplating an upgrade of your windows to increase energy efficiency and comfort? We recommend that you first consider replacing only the glass in your present windows with energy efficient, modern, sealed units. This would allow you to keep your existing window frames while enjoying all of the benefits of reduced energy costs and a more comfortable home. This is a very attractive alternative to replacing your entire window and frame. Most windows are candidates for an upgrade of the glass to modern thermally-efficient sealed units. This combination of modern sealed-unit technology and quality pre-painted metal window cladding will meet your requirements when a thermal upgrade is necessary. Energy efficiency and low-maintenance are possible with your present window frames.

When you know that new windows are necessary let us provide a quote. Sometimes your existing windows are not worth saving because they've just suffered too much neglect. Many older windows were poorly designed and will never be very thermally efficient due to design flaws or poor materials used in production. We are very experienced with new window installations and materials. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a high quality installation and high quality finishing. Window installations require care and attention to detail to maximize the investment of time and money. Our decades of experience have taught us that good windows combined with experienced and conscientious installers will provide the value that you expect.

Exterior doors are an important part of upgrading your home when energy-efficiency and comfort are priorities. New exterior door replacement is often necessary when thermal efficiency is your goal. As homeowners most of us are acutely aware of the necessity of maintaining a minimal level of efficiency in our building shell. Doors are typically overlooked when we are upgrading our homes even though exterior doors are an obvious source of air movement and often have high heat transfer values. Thermal conductivity and air movement must be considered when comfort and energy-eficiency are priorities. An exterior door retrofit requires attention to detail and very strong finishing abilities. Frame cladding is a critical component of the process and we have the skills to provide high quality cladding, finishing and caulking. Don't compromise the value of your new exterior doors with poor quality cladding and finishing. Let us show you the difference a new exterior door can make to your comfort and convenience.

Most homeowners are surprised to learn that they can replace their exterior doors for a very reasonable cost. The benefits of a new exterior door may also include an opportunity to add security, convenience, and a style change. During door installation the frame is changed and hardware is replaced resulting in increased security. Keyless entry is an obvious convenience option, you will wonder how you ever lived without a keyless entry system. When considering a new exterior door imagine the design possibilities, the style options are nearly endless. Let us provide a quote for your new exterior door, we think we will be able to pleasantly surprise you.

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We hope this site provides some of the information you require in order to make an informed decision when choosing your metal window cladding contractor or glass replacement contractor. Throughout this site you may notice the terms window capping and window cladding are used interchangeably, both of these terms apply equally.