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John's Window Capping can supply and install sealed units to replace those that have failed or have been damaged. Sealed unit replacement is an important service provided by our company as part of a restoration project. Window maintenance often includes replacement of the old sealed units in your existing window frames. We believe glass replacement is an important aspect of a window maintenance project.

Consider your options when it's time to start any window maintenance project. Many homeowners truly appreciate the original windows in their home, so do we. We also appreciate, and understand, the benefits that new window frame technology may provide when compared to yesterday's window technology. Still, not every homeowner wants a shiny new white vinyl window in their home in spite of the potential benefits of the newer technology. This newer technology can be relatively expensive, logistically challenging and is often aesthetically disappointing.

A wise alternative strategy may be to have your window restoration contractor invest a little extra time and effort to determine the viability of your existing windows. A survey of your windows could provide some valuable advice about the maintenance and restoration potential of your existing windows versus removal of your windows and the purchase of full frame replacements. This will include an investigation of the original installation methods and workmanship. Attention to detail when insulating the cavity between the wall framing and the window frame is critical to the efficiency of the window. A poor installation will definitely neutralize many of the benefits that a good quality window will provide. We have the knowledge and experience to determine the viability of your existing windows and the potential remedies available if improvements are required to mitigate the negative effects of a poor installation. Research and an experienced contractor can help you determine your practical and sensible options. Restore them if it's viable, replace them if it's necessary.

Modern, thermally efficient, sealed units are an integral element in the energy-efficiency of the building envelope. The integrity of the sealed unit airspace must be maintained if the sealed unit is expected to provide insulation against cold or heat. Glass replacement should be a high priority when a homeowner is investing in a window maintenance or restoration project.

We offer the full range of insulating glass options available in the marketplace. All homeowners should consider the available options when replacing old, worn out sealed units or single pane windows. Sealed unit replacement does not have to be an expensive project. Most homeowners are surprised to learn that they can have modern thermally efficient insulating glass units installed for a very reasonable cost. The vast majority of homes in this region have adequate window frames that will provide many years of efficient service. The expense involved in a glass upgrade and maintenance service is a fraction when compared to a full frame window replacement. A standard glass upgrade and maintenance project may allow you to keep your existing frames and save you some money. This option is also much less time consuming, causes less homeowner frustration, and is typically a much easier process than a full frame replacement.

  • I recently used John's Window Capping to refinish all the windows in my 35 year old house and am pleased to recommend John highly and without reservation. The work was done with pride and care. They were extremely clean and very respectful of my home. My windows look new and modern and the outcome is wonderful. I highly recommend this company. CM Kidd

  • Thanks again for re-vamping those windows for us, they look so much better and it was a relief to have that ongoing task off my list. We also really appreciate the work ethic and splendid attitude you both show, makes a big difference in a world where the personal aspect has slipped away. I have run my own business for over 25 years, I try to always treat my clients the way you treated us. Thanks again Laura

  • Thank you for the wonderful capping and window repair work you have done. It looks great and willl maintain the life of the windows for a long long time. We really appreciate your ability to patiently explain the process and the care you took during the installation. It was a pleasure working with you and the boys from start to completion. Barbara & Stewart