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The benefits of choosing "John's Window Capping"

  • We have been in the cladding and window restoration business for over 30 years.
  • We have the experience and methods required to ensure a quality job.
  • We specialize in cladding casement windows and awning windows.
  • No more painting, ever!
  • We fix them before we clad them, always!
  • Windows sticking or painted shut? We always fix this, it's not an "extra".
  • We remove the old caulking before we install your new cladding.
  • We pay close attention to function and appearance.
  • No exposed fasteners! Our style of cladding does not leave any fasteners exposed.
  • Every job we do is truly a "custom" installation.
  • The installation of window cladding can eliminate the need to replace existing windows
  • Low-Maintenance finish, simply clean your window capping with clean water and a mild detergent.
  • Our cladding installed on your window and door frames eliminates painting and re-caulking.

Call "John's Window Capping" when your home needs attractive & functional quality window cladding.

Will I have to paint my window capping in the future?

No, the pre-painted aluminum we use eliminates the need to paint. A sensible cleaning schedule is required to keep your new window capping looking fresh well into the future. Rinse the dust off with clean water regularly to prevent a build-up of grime. Occasional cleaning can be done with a soft clean cloth and clean water now and then to keep the dust down. Stubborn dirt and bugs can be cleaned by adding a mild detergent such as liquid dish soap to the wash water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. That's it. No more painting, ever!

Can the existing glass be changed after cladding is installed?

Yes, no problem at all. Your glass repairman will quickly understand where the fasteners are located and will then be able to remove the cladding. The sealed unit stops and the glass are removed as usual. After the new sealed unit is installed the stops and cladding are replaced and caulking is re-applied. A qualified and experienced glass repairman will easily deal with the cladding without damaging anything. If your repairman is unsure of what is necessary it's possible that they don't have the required skills and it may be advisable to look for another repairman. If the glass repairman has any questions they are welcome to call "John's Window Capping" and we will be happy to explain things and answer any questions they may have.

Will I be able to see the fasteners after my cladding is installed?

No, our style of cladding does not leave fasteners exposed. We ensure that all fasteners are discretely hidden by the caulking. This time tested method of installation ensures that all fasteners are hidden and protected. This guarantees a clean appearance, long life, easy maintenance and a style that produces an attractive appearance now and well into the future. We appreciate your investment and recognize that your windows are a valuable asset.

Will there be any wood or paint exposed after my new cladding is installed?

No, we ensure that all painted and un-painted wood is covered by your new cladding. We ensure that all of the exterior wood is protected with no possibility of exposure to further decay. Let us show you the difference between our method and their method. There really is no comparison.

Can you fix the weatherstripping before cladding my windows?

Yes. If weatherstripping is damaged or worn out the customer will be advised of this. The homeowner will then have the option of adding new weatherstripping to their order for a small extra charge.

Can you replace the worn out hardware on our windows?

Yes. We believe that your windows should work properly after we've finished our job. Occasionally this means replacing worn out hardware. We check the operation of all windows before we clad them and will inform you if we think the hardware is worn or if it just needs cleaning, usually cleaning is all that's required.

Will you replace my broken or damaged windows before cladding?

We are capable of replacing glass and will do so at your request. We do many sealed unit upgrades for those homeowners who want to increase the energy-efficiency of their windows. Low-E glass is recommended for the comfort you expect and the energy savings you require.

Is window capping expensive?

Most homeowners are surprised at the affordable price when they receive their written quote. The next question most homeowners ask is when can we start their job.

Will I have to paint or prep anything before you install window capping?

No, we do all of the necessary preparation before installation.

Aluminum window capping is simply a custom bent piece of aluminum which is then applied to a base element, usually wood. When applied to the exterior wood detail of a home cladding can eliminate the need for continuous maintenance of these elements. When applied to the exterior of a window frame, door frame or other wood element window capping can often eliminate the need to replace windows that have begun to exhibit wear and tear from years of use and, quite possibly, years of neglect. Like all projects you undertake at your home be sure to get at least three written estimates for all projects. These estimates have to reflect very similar materials and quality of workmanship. Be sure to ask the competing bidders to provide contact info for previous customers and use this info to arrange on-site inspections of window capping or other cladding work that's been done recently. In this business, as in many others, you're only as good as your last installation. Make sure that you specify, in writing, that you will receive the same or better workmanship on your home. Window capping can eliminate maintenance and make your windows more attractive.

  • I recently used John's Window Capping to refinish all the windows in my 35 year old house and am pleased to recommend John highly and without reservation. The work was done with pride and care. They were extremely clean and very respectful of my home. My windows look new and modern and the outcome is wonderful. I highly recommend this company. CM Kidd

  • Thanks again for re-vamping those windows for us, they look so much better and it was a relief to have that ongoing task off my list. We also really appreciate the work ethic and splendid attitude you both show, makes a big difference in a world where the personal aspect has slipped away. I have run my own business for over 25 years, I try to always treat my clients the way you treated us. Thanks again Laura

  • Thank you for the wonderful capping and window repair work you have done. It looks great and willl maintain the life of the windows for a long long time. We really appreciate your ability to patiently explain the process and the care you took during the installation. It was a pleasure working with you and the boys from start to completion. Barbara & Stewart