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John's Window Capping has a time tested method of fabricating and installing cladding to window frames and door frames. We hide all of our fasteners and we never use screws. We always cover all of the exterior wood with metal and we seal everything with a high quality thermoplastic caulking.

We would like to illustrate some of the differences in installation methods and results so that you may become more critical when shopping for a window cladding professional.

The following image clearly shows what you may expect from many of our competitors. The method shown here uses screws to attach the metal to the wood frames of your windows and doors.

Notice the amount of wood that has been left exposed to the elements by this contractor. This exposed wood will continue to deteriorate and degrade and most homeowners will not be aware of this before purchasing.

This does not accomplish the objective of protecting your investment, unfortunately this method is frequently used by our competition.

screw on cladding, Calgary

The objective of cladding should be to eliminate maintenance and add cosmetic value to your home. Be aware of the differences in methods and take the time to choose a contractor that respects your asset more than the contractor that did this work. This method does not require the installer to ensure that the windows work properly, it is strictly cosmetic but the cosmetic value is questionable.

  • I recently used John's Window Capping to refinish all the windows in my 35 year old house and am pleased to recommend John highly and without reservation. The work was done with pride and care. They were extremely clean and very respectful of my home. My windows look new and modern and the outcome is wonderful. I highly recommend this company. CM Kidd

  • Thanks again for re-vamping those windows for us, they look so much better and it was a relief to have that ongoing task off my list. We also really appreciate the work ethic and splendid attitude you both show, makes a big difference in a world where the personal aspect has slipped away. I have run my own business for over 25 years, I try to always treat my clients the way you treated us. Thanks again Laura

  • Thank you for the wonderful capping and window repair work you have done. It looks great and willl maintain the life of the windows for a long long time. We really appreciate your ability to patiently explain the process and the care you took during the installation. It was a pleasure working with you and the boys from start to completion. Barbara & Stewart