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A demanding maintenance schedule was required before cladding was applied to these windows. After the installation of the window cladding to these window frames and battens the windows have a great new appearance and they will now meet their life expectancy. The installation of window cladding, when quality caulking is used, eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance and removes the element of neglect which will certainly lead to a breakdown of the window components. This will save all homeowners much time and money over the years. These were attractive wood windows in their original state when delivered from the factory, we can help keep them that way. Call us to have custom cladding installed and keep your windows looking great for years to come.

Wood casement window and wood batten will look great and last for many years after installation of custom cladding and top quality caulk...      A low maintenance, watertite condition is created after cladding and caulk is applied...

John's Window Capping always matches batten detail with window frame, door frame and sash detail. This detail imparts a unified look to your home. This detail will set your home apart and keep your window capping looking great for many years to come.

This wood casement window was almost beyond paintable so the homeowner decided to clad it and forget it.      No more maintenance for this window, cladding will save money here.

This cladding job will be done in two stages. Many people choose to make repairs in stages as this allows them to undertake the most urgent repairs now and less urgent repairs at a more convenient time. Maintenance was eliminated with the installation of window cladding to these wood casement windows. A well maintained wood casement window , with energy efficient features, is the most efficient, and most attractive, window style available.

  • I recently used John's Window Capping to refinish all the windows in my 35 year old house and am pleased to recommend John highly and without reservation. The work was done with pride and care. They were extremely clean and very respectful of my home. My windows look new and modern and the outcome is wonderful. I highly recommend this company. CM Kidd

  • Thanks again for re-vamping those windows for us, they look so much better and it was a relief to have that ongoing task off my list. We also really appreciate the work ethic and splendid attitude you both show, makes a big difference in a world where the personal aspect has slipped away. I have run my own business for over 25 years, I try to always treat my clients the way you treated us. Thanks again Laura

  • Thank you for the wonderful capping and window repair work you have done. It looks great and willl maintain the life of the windows for a long long time. We really appreciate your ability to patiently explain the process and the care you took during the installation. It was a pleasure working with you and the boys from start to completion. Barbara & Stewart